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The Progressives


“Blacksmithing is my trade. And it has always given colour to my view of things. For example, when I was very young, I saw some of the evils in the conditions of life and I wanted to fix them. I couldn’t. There were no tools. We had tools to do almost anything within the shop, beautiful tools, wonderful. And so in other trades, arts and professions; in everything but government. In government, the common trade of all men and the basis of all social life, men worked still with old tools, with old laws, with constitutions and charters which hindered more than they helped. Men suffered from this. There were lawyers enough; many of our ablest men were lawyers. Why didn’t some of them invent legislative implements to help the people govern themselves? Why had we no tool makers for democracy?”
-Source: William Simon U’Ren, in American Magazine, Volume 65, 1908
Which of the following best represents continuity in the years after 1908 with the ideas that the author expressed in the excerpt?
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