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Jackson and federal power


“The papers tell you there are no parties now. Republicans and federalists [indeed] are all [combined]. This, my friend, is not so. The same parties exist now which existed before. But the name of Federalist was extinguished in the battle of New Orleans; and those who wore it now call themselves republicans. Like the fox pursued by the dogs, they take shelter in the midst of the sheep. They see that monarchism is a hopeless wish in this country, and are rallying anew to the next best point, a consolidated government. They are therefore endeavoring to break the barriers of state rights, provided by the constitution, against a consolidation.”
-Source: Thomas Jefferson to Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette, UH Digital History, 1822
Which of the following best represents continuity in the years after 1822 with the ideas that the author expressed in the excerpt?
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