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Movement in the early republic


"I have long been of Opinion that a well-conducted western Colony, if it could be settled with the Approbation of the Indians would be of great National Advantage with respect to the Trade, and particularly useful to the old Colonies as a Security to their Frontiers. I am glad to find that you, whose Knowledge of Indian Affairs and the Temper of those People far exceeds mine, entertain the same Sentiments, and think such an Establishment in the Ilinoias [sic] Country practicable. . . .
"It grieves me to hear that our Frontier People are yet greater Barbarians than the Indians, and continue to murder them in time of Peace. I hope your Negociations [sic] will prevent a new War, which those Murders give great Reason to apprehend; and that the several Governments will find some Method of preventing such horrid Outrages for the future."
-Source: Benjamin Franklin, In a letter to Sir William Johnson, 1766
The ideas of Benjamin Franklin, as expressed in the excerpt, had most in common with the ideas of which of the following groups?
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