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Transatlantic trade


Read the excerpt and answer the question below.
“As the contagion caused a great many Hurons to die, these people, not recognizing therein the justice of God, who takes vengeance for their crimes, imagined that the French were the cause of their death. . . .
Upon the strength of these reports . . . these barbarians have made attempts upon the lives of our Fathers, even going so far as to talk in open council of slaying them, but . . . on hearing this talk [a Native American leader named Taratouan] drew out a long string of porcelain, and threw it down in the midst of the assembly, saying, “There is something to close your mouths and stop your talking.”
-Source: Father Paul le Jeune, Relation of What Occurred in New France in the Year 1636
The event described in the excerpt is an example of which of the following developments in colonial North America?
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