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AP US Government and Politics curriculum mapping guide

Looking for AP-aligned practice and instruction for the new 2018 US Government and Politics course? This guide maps Khan Academy’s content to the new course description, to make it as easy as possible for find resources to use in your classroom.

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Search by curriculum component

All the videos, articles, and practice exercises—as well as each unit and lesson—in the course are tagged with the AP curriculum components, or standards, covered in each one.
There are two different ways to search the course by component:
Option 1: search bar
Go to the search bar at the top of any page on the Khan Academy site, type in the component/standard you're looking for (e.g. "LOR-1.A"), and you'll see a list of tagged content.
Option 2: browse by component
The pages below list every enduring understanding (EU), learning objective (LO), and essential knowledge (EK) for the AP Gov curriculum, and link to relevant content in the Khan Academy AP Gov course:

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