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Africa: 1100-1980 C.E.

Great Zimbabwe National Monument (UNESCO/NHK)Great Mosque of DjennéBenin PlaquesBenin Plaque: Equestrian Oba and AttendantsSika dwa kofi (Golden Stool), Asante peoplePortrait of King Mishe miShyaang maMbul (Kuba peoples)Power Figure (Kongo peoples)Female (pwo) mask (Chokwe peoples)Owie Kimou, Portrait Mask (Mblo) of Moya Yanso (Baule peoples)Bundu / Sowei Helmet Mask (Mende peoples)Male figure, Ikenga (Igbo Peoples)Elephant Mask, Kuosi Society, Bamileke Peoples, CameroonFang Reliquary FigureLukasa (memory board) (Luba peoples)Olowe of Ise, Veranda Post (Yoruba people)

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Human life, which is understood to have begun in Africa, developed over millions of years and radiated beyond the continent of Africa. The earliest African art dates to 77,000 years ago. While interpretation of this art is conjectural at best, the clarity and strength of design and expression in the work is obvious.
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