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Judaism and art

Judaism, an introductionJewish history—to the middle agesJewish history—1750 to WW IIJewish history—the post-war periodWriting a history of Jewish architectureRelief from the Arch of Titus, showing The Spoils of Jerusalem being brought into RomeMedieval synagogues in Toledo, SpainSilver shekel of the Second Jewish Revolt, struck over a denarius of the Emperor HadrianAltneushul, PragueDiarna: documenting the places of a vanishing Jewish historySefer Musre Hafilosofim (Book of Morals of Philosophers)The Golden HaggadahThe manuscripts of Luis de Carvajal

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Brought to you by Smarthistory. Judaism is an ancient monotheistic religion with a focus on sacred texts rather than sacred images, making its art an especially interesting area of study.