A free, world-class resource for homeschool families.

We are committed to providing a personalized learning experience for every student at absolutely no cost to them or their families.
Sal Khan
Founder and CEO of Khan Academy

Math exercises from 1 + 1 through calculus

  • Thousands of interactive math problems from basic arithmetic through calculus and beyond
  • Every single problem is accompanied by a step-by-step solution created specifically for that problem
  • Created and reviewed by 40 math educators

Personalized learning

Khan Academy has math course "missions" from arithmetic through calculus. Each student has their own learning dashboard that uses state-of-the-art, adaptive software to identify gaps and show progress. Students also receive fun badges, energy points, and avatars along their "mission."

Real-time progress reporting

Students can see their progress and where they need help. Parents can access the same information to better support their children.

Math is alive and not boring for my son anymore. It is truly a prayer answered.
Jeanne M.
Homeschool mother

We’ve been really excited as we’ve seen Khan Academy help fuel our girls’ motivation. Now they can really take off in math.
Tim Peters
Homeschool father
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