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- So when all of us at the Khan Academy first learned about the Common Core, we were intrigued. We're creating software and exercises and videos for millions of students and teachers around the country. Well, if we align them to a standard, it could be that much more useful, but, as soon as we started looking at the Standards, we understood some of it. We said, "Okay, that makes sense, "and that we get that, and we can understand "how to make an exercise for that," but then we said, "Well, what exactly do they mean "by structure of expressions, and why do they separate "functions outside of Algebra? "What does algebraic thinking mean for a third grader? "This eighth-grade stuff feels a lot like Algebra. "How is it Algebra and, maybe, "how is it different than Algebra One, "or does Algebra One and Algebra Two, "these traditional notions, "how do these fit in, in the world of the Common Core?" And so, at Khan Academy, we started having conversations about this, our in-house team, with teachers and researchers. We started having conversations with experts outside of Khan Academy, teachers and professors, and some of these experts were the actual authors of the Common Core, and we found that to be incredibly valuable as we constructed the hundreds of thousands of questions that we now have on Khan Academy, ones that you will hopefully find very useful. But then we realized that we've been able to go through this exercise to really understand what the Common Core is, wouldn't it be incredible if every educator, every parent, every student had that same access, and so, what we're trying to do in this series of videos is exactly that. It's going to be conversations between myself and Bill McCallum, who's one of the authors of the Math Standards of the Common Core, and the goal being is it's me channeling your questions, the same questions that I had when I first looked at the Common Core, and him answering it in very plain conversational language. And our sense is, is if you watch these videos, the mysteries of the Common Core will not be as mysterious. It will hopefully allow you, as a teacher, or a parent, or a student, to be that much more effective and how you use the Common Core to learn or to teach and, hopefully, make use of all of the resources that we have at Khan Academy to support you as you, if you're a teacher, educate your students, so enjoy.