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Obscuring the Truth: unit vocabulary

This is a list of some noteworthy vocabulary you'll find in this unit! Some are related to the unit topic, and others are generally useful academic words.
You'll know some of the words already, and some may be new. Take some time to familiarize yourself with them all before you get started on the passages and exercises in the unit.
Word: self-possessed
  • Definition: showing composition, or having control over one’s feelings
  • Sample Sentence: The self-possessed young soldier’s face didn’t reveal the truth as his commander told lie after lie to Queen Lucinda.
Word: endeavor
  • Definition: to make an effort or an attempt
  • Sample Sentence: Vijay always endeavors to keep events from his early life a secret.
Word: succession
  • Definition: the sequence, or order, of one thing coming after another
  • Sample Sentence: Eri told a succession of fibs to cover up her mistakes, until finally, her boss discovered the truth.
Word: indicate
  • Definition: to show something
  • Sample Sentence: Arianna was a terrible liar—the quivering of her eyebrows always indicated when she was being untruthful.
Word: engulf
  • Definition: to be immersed in or swallowed by
  • Sample Sentence: Although Yvette was convincing when she said, “the Emerald Forest was quickly engulfed in flames by the roaring fire!” her father knew not to trust her.
Word: falter
  • Definition: to begin to weaken
  • Sample Sentence: Hildy was getting away with the lie, until her voice faltered when she saw her father enter the room.
Word: fragment
  • Definition: a piece that has been broken off or detached from something
  • Sample Sentence: The broken mug left small fragments of pottery strewn about the floor.
Word: delusion
  • Definition: a false understanding, opinion, or belief
  • Sample Sentence: I was under the delusion that if I told my mother the truth, I wouldn’t be punished—boy was I wrong.
Word: imminent
  • Definition: probable to happen at any time, inevitable, impending
  • Sample Sentence: You're in imminent danger of never being able to drive again if you don't stop speeding!
Word: disparage
  • Definition: to belittle, or look down upon
  • Sample Sentence: It isn’t considered proper to disparage the younger cadets at the academy, instead we should encourage their efforts.
Word: procrastinator
  • Definition: a person that delays doing stuff that needs to get done
  • Sample Sentence: Giovanna had a problem of waiting until the last minute to get her work done—she was a procrastinator.
Word: conceal
  • Definition: to cover, hide, or remove from sight
  • Sample Sentence: Ahmed wasn’t able to conceal his anger when someone was dishonest with him. His face would get bright red and it looked as if smoke would come out of his nostrils at any moment.
Word devious
  • Definition: willing to trick people to get what you want
  • Sample Sentence: Li Jing was a devious little girl and would tell everyone falsehoods so that they would feel sorry for her and give her things.
Word: obscure
  • Definition: not clearly understood
  • Sample Sentence: The mayor's speech on the new health care policy was very obscure; it didn’t describe the changes in a clear manner.
Word: contradict
  • Definition: to go against
  • Sample Sentence: Abhishek's selfish actions contradicted what he was always telling me about the importance of generosity.
Word: ambivalent
  • Definition: having a mixed or a variety of feelings about something
  • Sample Sentence: Lúcia had ambivalent feelings about going on the camping trip. She hated camping, but wanted to spend time with her friends.
Word: remorse
  • Definition: a deep regret for some wrongdoing
  • Sample Sentence: Vishal felt a deep sense of remorse after he lied to his sweet grandmother.

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