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Mysteries of the Past: reading informational text; The Mystery Child 7

CCSSELA: RI.7.1, RI.7.2, RI.7.3


Read the passage, and then answer the TWO practice questions.

The Mystery Child

  1. As the first English child born in one of America’s earliest settlements of European immigrants, Virginia Dare holds a specific place in history, but all we really know about her is that she took her first breaths on Roanoke Island in 1587. Her parents, grandfather, and more than 100 others had traveled from London to resettle on these sandy soils. Virginia was expected to speak her first words, take her first steps, and eventually pass from childhood into adulthood in this new world, but whether she did or not remains a 400-year-old mystery.
  2. Colonial life was tough on the settlers. They had to clear the land with hand tools, make their own clothing, and deal with sickness and injury. In addition (and unsurprisingly), local Indigenous tribes resented their intrusion. John White, the colony’s governor (who was also Virginia’s grandfather), decided to return to England so he could gather sufficient supplies and people to make the colony stronger. But subsequent troubles kept White away for three years instead of one.
  3. In 1590, on Virginia’s third birthday, White came back to a deserted village. The entire colony had vanished with barely a trace. It seemed to White that the houses and colony walls were purposefully taken down. Were the colonists in danger, and did they leave in a hurry? Or, did they make a confident decision to go? White couldn't tell.
  4. He did find the word “Croatoan” carved into a wooden post and the letters “CRO” on a tree. White tried to follow these clues. But on his way south to Croatoan Island, a fierce storm drove his ship out to sea.
  5. White was forced back to England without ever knowing what happened to his granddaughter. Centuries later, Roanoke Island, which is now part of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, still keeps Virginia Dare’s secret.

Practice questions

This question has two parts. Answer Part A, then Part B.

Part A

What inference about John White is best supported by the text?
Choose 1 answer:
Choose 1 answer:

Part B

Which THREE excerpts from the passage best support the answer to Part A?
Choose 3 answers:
Choose 3 answers:
Psst! Don't forget to choose an answer for both questions :)