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Identity: unit vocabulary

This is a list of some noteworthy vocabulary you'll find in this unit! Some are related to the unit topic, and others are generally useful academic words.
You'll know some of the words already, and some may be new. Take some time to familiarize yourself with them all before you get started on the passages and exercises in the unit.
Word: effective
  • Definition: successful, good at doing something
  • Sample Sentence: Carlton was known throughout the school as an effective public speaker—whenever he spoke, everyone listened.
Word: exclusion
  • Definition: when something or someone is left out; rejection
  • Sample Sentence: My exclusion from the soccer team made me upset, so I called my friend to talk about it.
Word: anxious
  • Definition: very worried
  • Sample Sentence: Shanice sometimes feels anxious before a test, so she takes deep breaths to calm herself.
Word: collective
  • Definition: something that involves everyone in a group
  • Sample Sentence: Augusto holds a special place in his grandchildren's’ collective hearts because he taught them all how to dance.
Word: esteem
  • Definition: positive feelings like respect
  • Sample Sentence: Doug holds Jamal in high esteem because he is a kind person as well as an excellent basketball player.
Word: intimidate
  • Definition: to make someone afraid
  • Sample Sentence: Being in large groups used to intimidate Grace but now she is more confident.
Word: indebted
  • Definition: owing something to someone
  • Sample Sentence: Lin-Lin is indebted to Francois for encouraging and helping her to become a star ballerina.
Word: vantage
  • Definition: an advantageous position
  • Sample Sentence: From this vantage I can see the entire racecourse, which will help me win.
Word: heritage
  • Definition: traditions of a particular culture
  • Sample Sentence: Teresa is very proud of both her Cuban and German heritage.
Word: interwoven
  • Definition: twist or join together
  • Sample Sentence: Martha is famous for creating beautiful baskets made from interwoven pieces of willow.
Word: gauge
  • Definition: to measure the size or amount
  • Sample Sentence: It is hard to gauge whether my classmates enjoyed the musical since they all looked out from the audience without much expression.
Word: strategic
  • Definition: important to a plan
  • Sample Sentence: Sari is a strategic thinker because she is always making plans and thinking of the best ways to get something done.
Word: recognition
  • Definition: the act of acknowledging or noticing something
  • Sample Sentence: Amber received recognition for all her hard work during the school carnival.
Word: isolation
  • Definition: being separate from others
  • Sample Sentence: Before Mateo learned to speak English, he felt a sense of isolation in school.
Word: camaraderie
  • Definition: a feeling of friendship within a group of people
  • Sample Sentence: The South Lake Middle School basketball team developed a sense of camaraderie after weeks of practices together.

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