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Welcome to the Inventing Progress unit!

A clear lightbulb with its filament glowing brightly against a light background.
The history of technology is, in many ways, a story of brilliant inventors and their world-changing inventions. But inventing isn't just about coming up with a great idea: there's also the matter of bringing that idea to life and taking care of the business side of things. On top of that, an inventory needs to prevent other people from stealing their valuable ideas! Technological progress is a result of hard work, trial and error, and, sometimes, lucky accidents. But it's the stories of famed rivalries and advantageous partnerships that seem to catch our attention.
In this unit, you will:
  • Learn about some inventors and important inventions from history
  • Consider how competition and cooperation have affected inventions
  • Read stories about young inventors, their creations, and their adventures
  • Watching videos to help you understand what good readers and writers do
  • Reading and answering questions about literary and informational texts
  • Learning new academic words
In order to answer the essential question: What drives innovation more: competition or cooperation?

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