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Welcome to the Imaginative Worlds unit!

Two hands hovering in the night sky, holding a bubble with a Pegasus inside.
There’s a lot we can learn about real life through stories. In this unit, we’ll read about some fictional worlds and see what we can learn from them. Can the characters’ struggles with villains and magic represent problems we face in real life? Can the heroes be role models for us? What do imaginary worlds have in common with our own world? This is what we’ll discover as we travel into these imaginary worlds.
In this unit, you will:
  • Read stories
  • See differences and similarities between real life and fiction
  • Watching videos to help you understand what good readers and writers do
  • Reading and answering questions about literary and informational texts
  • Learning new academic words
In order to answer the essential question: What can fantasy teach us about real life?

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