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Imaginative Worlds: unit vocabulary

This is a list of some useful and interesting words you'll find in this unit. You probably know some of them already, while others might be new to you.
Take some time to get to know them all before you get started!
Word: alternative
  • Definition: unusual, different
  • Sample Sentence: The tunnel led Jaxon to an alternative land full of magical flowers.
Word: conjure
  • Definition: to make something appear using magic
  • Sample Sentence: The wizard was able to conjure a forest in the middle of the dry desert.
Word: conspire
  • Definition: to plan with someone to do something that is damaging
  • Sample Sentence: “I do not wish to conspire with the enemy and put my village in danger!” declared Marissa.
Word: courageous
  • Definition: brave
  • Sample Sentence: The courageous elf traveled through the dangerous forest to bring the life-giving plant to the giant.
Word: existence
  • Definition: the state of being real
  • Sample Sentence: Dr. Gerard found tracks to prove the existence of the mountain yeti.
Word: extraordinary
  • Definition: unusual, unexpected, strange
  • Sample Sentence: Planet Plox had an extraordinary landscape filled with purple rocks, sulfur vents, and ten-foot tall cone-like flowers.
Word: glisten
(verb) - Definition: sparkle, shimmer - Sample Sentence: The mermaid’s silver tail glistened in the sun.
Word: haunting
  • Definition: disturbing, troubling
  • Sample Sentence: The goblin gave his evil dog a haunting nod before he set him loose in the castle courtyard.
Word: intently
  • Definition: closely, carefully
  • Sample Sentence: Quentin stared intently at the sleeping giant as he quietly tiptoed out of the room.
Word: intricate
  • Definition: complex, elaborate
  • Sample Sentence: The intricate floral details in the carpet made Sari feel like she was walking in a field of flowers.
Word: jubilant
  • Definition: joyful
  • Sample Sentence: The bells rang out in jubilant song the morning of the fairy ball.
Word: mocking
  • Definition: scornful, sneering
  • Sample Sentence: “Have you even started building your flying car?” Zander asked in a mocking tone.
Word: perplexing
  • Definition: puzzling, confusing.
  • Sample Sentence: Tyrone couldn’t find his way out of the perplexing underwater maze.
Word: precise
  • Definition: exact, specific
  • Sample Sentence: “We must hover at the precise vortex, or we will miss our only chance to get to the Roberon galaxy,” said the ship’s commander.
Word: relinquish
  • Definition: surrender
  • Sample Sentence: The dwarf queen had to relinquish her crown when a neighboring clan took over her kingdom.
Word: strode
  • Definition: walked in a confident way (past form of stride)
  • Sample Sentence: The centaurs strode into the restaurant and immediately ordered heaping plates of food.
Word: vivid
  • Definition: bright, colorful
  • Sample Sentence: The unicorn palace has vivid pools filled with blueberry, raspberry, and lemon-flavored sparkling water.

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