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Superheroes: reading drama and fiction; Super Stinky 4


Read the drama and the story, then answer the practice question.

The Coming of Super Stinky

Cast of Characters
Karim: a 10-year-old boy.
Jonas: Karim’s best friend
Ms. Wong: Karim’s teacher
Scene One
(Karim and Jonas are walking to school.)
Jonas: So, did you study for the science test?
Karim: Oh no—is that today? I totally forgot.
Jonas: Yeah—about how animals defend themselves against predators.
Karim: Ah, it’ll be fine—probably only two questions or something.
Karim: (pointing) Hey, what’s that in the ditch?
Jonas: Whoa! It looks like . . . a skunk? Except it’s bright yellow!
Karim: Like it’s radioactive or something?
Jonas: Don’t get too close, or it’s going to—aaargh!
(Skunk sprays Karim and runs off)
Jonas: Nice one, Karim. Now you’re going to stink!
Karim: (sniffing) Wait, I don’t even smell anything.
Jonas: (sniffing) Me neither . . . huh. That was one weird skunk.
Scene Two
(At school.)
Ms. Wong: You have 30 minutes to complete the test. I hope everyone studied!
Karim: (whispers to Jonas, panicked) Did you know the test would be this long?
Ms. Wong: Karim—no talking during the test, please.
(Suddenly, a yellow cloud fills the classroom, and everyone makes disgusted noises at the smell.)
Ms. Wong: Ugh! There must be a gas leak! Everyone out!
Scene Three
(Karim and Jonas are walking home.)
Jonas: That was so cool! I can’t believe we got to leave school early.
Karim: Uh, not cool—that smell was me. I couldn’t control it. It must have been something to do with that skunk.
Jonas: We got out of school AND the test was moved to tomorrow. That skunk gave you a superpower!
Karim: (smiling) You’re right!
Jonas: Now you just need a superhero name. From now on, I’m calling you . . . Super Stinky!
Karim: Yeah! Stinky Power!

Super Stinky Saves the Day

  1. “Guess what?” Karim asked Jonas, as they walked along the path to school. “I figured out the secret to my superpower.”
  2. “Whoa, cool!” Jonas replied. Karim really did have a superpower: the power to cause a terrible stink. He’d acquired it the day before on this very same path, after getting sprayed by some kind of radioactive skunk.
  3. “Remember yesterday, it seemed like the stink just . . . happened?” continued Karim. “Last night, I got really mad with my sister—and it happened again! That’s when I realized: I let the stink out of my ears when I feel strong emotions—like anger, or fear about taking Ms. Wong’s science test.” The day before, Karim’s stinky powers had caused quite the impact: school had closed early, pushing the dreaded science test back to today. “Did you study this time?” asked Jonas.
  4. “Not yet,” replied Karim. “The test’s this afternoon—I’ll study at recess.”
  5. Karim really did sit down to study during recess, but just as he opened his book in the schoolyard, Jonas ran up with a look of wide-eyed panic.
  6. “Karim! You’ve got to see this! There’s an alligator in the school pond!”
  7. The two boys sprinted to witness this unmissable event. Turning the corner, Karim was amazed to see a crowd of kids watching none other than the noble Ms. Wong, armed with just a garden rake, bravely facing down the hostile reptile.
  1. “Ms. Wong!” exclaimed Karim.
  2. “Stay back!” shouted their teacher—and right at that moment, the alligator snatched at the rake with its jaws and tossed it to one side. Now Ms. Wong had no defense, and no way to retrieve her weapon. Karim felt the terror and anger rising up inside of him. Before he knew it, he also heard a loud hissing inside his ears, quickly followed by that now-familiar stench of supremely smelly, specifically skunky, superpower stink! And Karim wasn’t the only one who smelled it: the alligator looked right at him, started backing away, then turned and ran as fast as it could, disappearing into the bushes in a flash!
  3. “What was that . . . smell?” asked Ms. Wong, relieved but also disgusted.
  4. “It was Karim!” yelled Jonas, slapping his friend on the back. “Or should I say . . . Super Stinky!”
  5. Everyone cheered; Karim smiled and waved, and then his cheeks turned redder than hot sauce as someone started up a chant of “Stinky! Stinky! Stinky!”
  6. “All right class,” said Ms. Wong, as they sat back down inside, “after all that drama, it’s finally time for the test.” Oh no! Karim had spent recess using his stinky powers to scare off an alligator, which meant he still hadn’t studied for the science test. Jonas noticed Karim’s worried look, and whispered “Psst! Set off another stink!”
  7. For a moment, Karim seriously considered it—he could probably clear the room in three seconds flat. But then he reflected to himself: now that I have this superpower, what am I going to use it for? It had felt really great to help save Ms. Wong from the alligator.
  8. “Nah,” he whispered back to Jonas, “from now on, I’m going to save my stinky powers for when they’re really needed.”

Practice question

Read the line from the play.
Jonas: We got out of school AND the test was moved until tomorrow. That skunk gave you a superpower!
This line helps to resolve the conflict in the play. Which sentence from the story has the same effect?
Choose 1 answer: