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Welcome to the Growth Mindset unit!

Have you ever tackled a hard problem and thought, “Whew! I don’t think I can do this!”? Well this unit is here to tell you that you can! In this unit, you will learn all about growth mindset. Growth mindset is the belief that you can grow your brain and that your intelligence grows with effort and the right learning strategies.
In this unit, you will:
  • explore how individuals and groups overcome challenges
  • learn about the secret superpowers of the human brain and how to exercise it like a muscle
  • read about people who faced difficult situations and persevered
  • watching videos to help you understand what good readers and writers do
  • reading and answering questions about literary and informational texts
  • learning new academic words
  • applying correct grammar and mechanics (punctuation)
  • revising and editing informational writing
In order to answer the essential question:
  • How do people overcome challenges?

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