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The Moon: unit vocabulary

This is a list of a few useful or interesting words you'll find in this unit. You probably know some of them already, while others might be new to you. Take some time to get to know them all before you get started!
Word: continue
  • Definition: to keep doing something
  • Sentence: Min continues to think about what it would be like to live on the moon.
Word: crater
  • Definition: a large, round hole caused by something hitting the surface of a planet or moon very hard.
  • Sentence: The moon is full of large craters that we can see from Earth.
Word: decide
  • Definition: to make up your mind
  • Sentence: When Katia was six years old, she decided that she wanted to live on Mars.
Word: disagree
  • Definition: to not agree with someone or something; to not think the same way
  • Sentence: I know you think that the moon is the most wonderful thing in the night sky, but I disagree. I think the stars are the most wonderful.
Word: gravity
  • Definition: the force that pulls objects towards another, bigger object
  • Sentence: The moon’s gravity is less powerful than the Earth’s gravity because the moon is smaller than the Earth.
Word: misunderstand
  • Definition: to not understand, or to understand something incorrectly
  • Sentence: “Do not misunderstand me,” said Maya, “while the moon may look like cheese, it’s really a big rock.”
Word: orbit
  • Definition: to travel around something
  • Sentence: The moon orbits, or travels around, the Earth about once every 27 days.
Word: remember
  • Definition: to be able to think of something again
  • Sentence: My dad asked, “Do you remember when the moon looked orange last year?”
Word: rough
  • Definition: bumpy, harsh, or rocky; uneven
  • Sentence: When NASA planned for the landing on the moon, they had to think about the moon’s rough surface.
Word: surface
  • Definition: the outside, or top layer, of something
  • Sentence: The moon’s surface has soft, gray dust.
Word: tide
  • Definition: the rising and falling of the ocean’s level
  • Sentence: When Jax was at the beach the tide was low, so he was able to see the sea stars in the tide pools.

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