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The Moon: reading creative fiction; Milo and the Moon 2


Read the story, then answer the practice question.

Milo and the Moon

  1. Late one night, Milo the Mouse sat on his windowsill. He stared at the moon. Its surface was full of craters. “That looks like cheese,” said Milo, who couldn’t see the moon very clearly. His stomach rumbled. He was awfully hungry! “I’m going to go to the moon and get some cheese,” he declared.
  2. “Go to sleep, Milo,” said his mother.
  1. So Milo went to sleep, and as he slept, he dreamed. Milo dreamed of flying to the moon on the back of a bird. Up and up they soared, until they landed on the moon. The moon was soft in parts, like cream cheese, and firm in parts, like cheddar, and even bouncy in parts, like mozzarella (and that part of the moon was Milo’s favorite). He ate and ate all night.
  2. When Milo woke the next morning, he realized he had been chewing on his pillow, and not cheese. But he remembered his dream. He decided to go find a bird.
  3. Milo left the house, and ran into his friend Tiny, the squirrel. “Where ya going?” Tiny asked.
  4. “The moon!” Milo replied. “The moon is made of cheese, and I’m hungry.”
  5. Tiny laughed. “The moon isn’t made of cheese! It’s rocky and rough. It only looks smooth from here.”
  6. “We’ll see about that, Tiny! The next time you see me, I promise I’ll have cheese,” said Milo.
  7. Milo climbed the tallest hill in the forest and waved until a bird landed in front of him. “Hello!” said Milo happily. “Would you take me to the moon, please?”
  8. The bird, who was an owl, looked at the hill. Then she craned her head up high to look at the sky. “I think that’s further than I can fly, Milo!” she said. “But I do have a way to see the moon up close, without flying very far at all. It’s called a telescope.”
  9. When Milo looked through the telescope, he got a really good look at the moon. “Oh!” said Milo. “It really isn’t made of cheese after all.”
  10. “Nope,” said the owl. “It’s made of rocks.”
  11. “Well, where am I going to get some cheese?” Milo cried as he realized his misunderstanding.
  12. The owl moved the telescope with her wing, and Milo continued to look. “Oh my goodness,” he said. “A cheese store!”
  13. The owl peeked through the telescope. “It looks like they’re having a sale on cheddar,” she said.

Practice question

Pick TWO details from the beginning of the story that best help you understand Milo’s feelings.
Choose 2 answers: