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Rural, Suburban, Urban: reading realistic fiction; The City Cousin and the Country Cousin 2


Read the passage, then answer the practice question.

The City Cousin and the Country Cousin

Nicole lived in a big city. Her cousin, Charlie, lived on a farm. One day, Charlie went to visit Nicole. The cousins spent the day playing inside. Then they got dressed up to go see a play.
Charlie and Nicole walked to the train station.
“Slow down,” said Charlie. “I can’t walk that fast in my fancy shoes!”
“We have to hurry, Charlie,” said Nicole. “Or we won’t catch the train on time. Then we’ll be late for the play!”
When they got on the train Charlie stuck his nose in his shirt.
“What are you doing?” asked Nicole, when she noticed Charlie’s nose stuck in his shirt.
“It smells funny,” said Charlie.
Nicole shrugged. “That’s just the way it smells here,” she said.
Charlie looked out the window. Building after building passed by so quickly, he didn’t get a chance to see what they were. It made him dizzy! People outside seemed to be rushing everywhere.
“It’s so busy in the city!” Charlie said.
The idea that the city was busy had never really occurred to Nicole before. To her, it was just normal, everyday life.
Charlie and Nicole had a great time at the play. But that night Charlie couldn’t get to sleep.
“What’s wrong?” Nicole asked.
“I had fun in the city with you,” Charlie said. “But I miss my farm. The smells are different. The sounds are different there, too. I hear crickets instead of loud cars.”
“That sounds nice,” Nicole said.
“It is,” Charlie agreed. “Maybe you can come home with me tomorrow and check it out.”
So the next day, the cousins left the city for the country.
“Are we almost there yet?” asked Nicole as she stared out the car window. “I haven’t seen anything for hours except for fields.”
Charlie’s mom smiled. “Yes,” she said. “We’ll be home in about 30 minutes.”
Nicole couldn’t believe it. Thirty more minutes! How could anyone stand to stare at nothing for so long?
When they finally arrived at the farm, three dogs came running up to the car. “Meet Ranger, Hank, and Miles,” said Charlie.
“Oh!” said Nicole. “I’ve always wanted a dog, but living in a small apartment, it’s too hard to keep one.”
Nicole got out of the car, but was hit by a strong smell. “What’s that horrible smell?” she asked.
Charlie just shrugged. “It’s just the way a farm with cows smells,” he said.
Charlie’s mom smiled. “You get used to it,” she said.
Nicole didn’t think she could ever get used to that smell.
But when Nicole saw the baby cows, her heart melted.
“They’re so cute!” she said.
“Do you want to hold a baby chick?” asked Charlie. “They’re only a week old and super fuzzy.”
Nicole spent the rest of the day playing with the chicks . . . and by the end of the day, she almost didn’t notice the strong smell of the farm.

Practice Question

Complete the sentence by choosing the correct answers from the TWO dropdown menus.
Charlie thinks that the city is
, but Nicole thinks it is