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Welcome to the Rural, Suburban, Urban unit!

A community is a group of people all living in the same place. There are lots of different types of communities. Some have many people living close together and lots of places and buildings like shops, offices, hospitals, museums, movie theaters, and parks. Others have a lot fewer people and buildings, but a lot of nature and open space. The community you live in can affect your life in many different ways!
In this unit, you will:
  • Learn about different types of communities
  • Learn about and how communities sometimes change
  • Read stories about people visiting other types of community, and about what it feels like if your local area changes
  • Watching videos to help you understand what good readers and writers do
  • Reading and answering questions about literary and informational texts
  • Learning new academic words
In order to answer the essential question: How does the community that you live in affect your life?

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