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Fairy Tales Retold: vocabulary; Little Red Riding Hood 2


Read the story, then answer the practice question.

Little Red Riding Hood

  1. Once there was a little girl with a cloak that had a red velvet hood. She was known as Little Red Riding Hood. One day her mother said, “Your granny is sick. Please take her some cakes; they will do her good. Remember to stay on the path, and do not stop along the way.”
  2. “Yes, mother,” said Little Red Riding Hood. Her granny lived in a house in the woods. When she entered the woods, she saw a wolf. The Wolf wished to eat Little Red Riding Hood for lunch. But she did not know that, so she was not afraid of him.
Picture 1
  1. “And where are you going?” he asked.
  2. “To my granny’s house,” said Little Red Riding Hood.
  3. “And where does your granny live?” asked the Wolf.
  4. “In the woods, a short distance from here, in a cottage under three big oak trees,” said Little Red Riding Hood.
  5. What a tasty snack this girl would be, the Wolf thought, but she’s not big enough for a meal. I must find a way to eat her and her granny too.
  6. The Wolf said, “Why, look at all the pretty flowers. Why don’t you stop to rest and pick some of them?”
  7. Little Red Riding Hood saw the lovely flowers, and said, “Granny would love some fresh flowers.” Forgetting what she promised her mother, she left the path and went into the woods to pick flowers.
  8. Each time she picked one, she saw others even prettier, and so she strayed deeper and deeper into the woods.
  9. The Wolf hurried to Granny’s cottage and knocked on the door.
  10. “Who’s there?” said a little voice.
  11. “It is I, Little Red Riding Hood,” said the Wolf.
  12. “Oh, let yourself in, dear,” said Granny.
  13. The Wolf opened the door. Before Granny could realize what was happening, the Wolf gobbled her up!
  14. Then the sly Wolf dressed in her nightgown. With a wicked grin, he got into the bed, and pulled up the covers. It was quite the disguise.
Picture 2
  1. Meanwhile, Little Red Riding Hood entered Granny’s house. She took a deep breath and called out, “Good morning, Granny.” But there was no answer. She went up to the bed.
  2. There she saw her granny, or so she thought. Little Red Riding Hood thought her granny looked very strange indeed.
  3. “Oh, Granny,” she said, “what big ears you have!”
Picture 3
  1. “The better to hear you with,” said the Wolf.
  2. "Hmmm,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “Granny must be very sick, for her voice is much deeper than it used to be.”
  3. “And Granny, what big eyes you have!” said Little Red Riding Hood.
  4. “The better to see you with, my dear,” answered the Wolf.
  5. “And Granny, what big teeth you have!” said Little Red Riding Hood.
  6. “The better to eat you with!” cried the Wolf as he sprang up and swallowed Little Red Riding Hood in one big gulp.
  7. After his meal, the Wolf went to sleep, and began to snore. A hunter who was passing by the cottage heard the snoring.
  8. “My,” he said, “the old woman sounds terrible! I’d better check on her.”
  9. The hunter saw the Wolf. He realized that the Wolf had eaten the old woman. He knew he had to set her free.
  10. The hunter set them free, and out jumped Little Red Riding Hood and Granny.
Picture 4
  1. “Oh, I’m so grateful you saved us!” said Little Red Riding Hood.
  2. When the Wolf woke up, he ran away, never to be seen again.
  3. And Little Red Riding Hood said to herself, “After this I shall always do as my mother tells me.”

Practice question

Read this sentence from the story.
“‘In the woods, a short distance from here, in a cottage under three big oak trees,’ said Little Red Riding Hood.”
What does the word distance mean in the sentence?
Choose 1 answer: