Overview of my KA classroom: Tal Sztainer, 12th grade math

About me

  • I’m a Teach for America alum who taught 9th & 12th grade Math in Philadelphia, PA at Olney Charter High School, a Title 1 Public school (>80% free/ reduced lunch).

How I used Khan Academy

  • I acquired 10 donated used computers in my classroom. Khan Academy was used in some capacity at least 4 days a week 
  • Initially KA was aimed to fill in gaps for struggling students and help advanced students work on more challenging topics
  • Eventually, all the students were using KA to enhance classroom content understanding
  • Students had checklists of topics to complete allowing them to work at their own pace and be more in charge of their own learning

How my classroom changed

  • Differentiation - KA addressed the varying academic levels and the different styles of learning among students
  • Confidence - Students felt comfortable working at their own levels. Specifically, struggling students felt secure practicing the topics they needed to work on
  • Attention from teacher - I could work with smaller, more focused groups while students on KA continued learning and practicing their skills
  • Excitement - The level of excitement toward learning increased noticeably. My students became more engaged and invested in their own learning
  • Behavioral Issues - Behavioral management issues reduced dramatically. My students stayed on task for longer periods of time

Biggest challenge

  • Feeling comfortable trying out completely new methods in my classroom

Words of wisdom

  • Anyone can get computers in their classroom! Mine were $100 each and raising enough money for 10 took two days
  • Try new things even if you’re not sure they are going to work
  • Students love learning. Students love seeing their progress. KA allows for both of these. Spend time exploring the website yourself and find ways of using KA right away!
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