Valuation and Investing

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Life is full of people who will try to convince you that something is a good or bad idea by spouting technical jargon. Most of them have no idea what they are talking about. Don't be one of those people or their victims when it comes to stocks. From P/E rations to EV/EBITDA, we've got your back!

Price and market capitalization

VIDEO 11:55 minutes
Introduction to price and market capitalization

Introduction to the income statement

VIDEO 15:27 minutes
The income statement, revenue, gross profit, operating profit, net income, ROA and ROE.

Earnings and EPS

VIDEO 10:14 minutes
Earnings, EPS (earnings per share) and how they relate to the income statement and balance sheet

Introduction to the price-to-earnings ratio

VIDEO 14:47 minutes
Price to Earnings Ration (or P/E ratio).

P/E discussion

VIDEO 15:34 minutes
Discussion of the price-to-earnings ratio

ROA discussion 1

VIDEO 10:31 minutes
A discussion of the various ways to measure return on assets

ROA discussion 2

VIDEO 10:17 minutes
More on the return on asset discussion.


VIDEO 12:33 minutes
Depreciation a capital asset


VIDEO 7:45 minutes
Introduction to amortization

P/E conundrum

VIDEO 13:41 minutes
A situation where the price to earnings ratio seems to not fairly price an asset

Enterprise value

VIDEO 17:29 minutes
Solving the P/E conundrum by looking at a different valuation metric (enterprise value)


VIDEO 14:07 minutes
Review of Enterprise Value and comparing it to EBITDA