Greek Debt Crisis

4 videos
The Greek government incurred debt beyond its means but didn't have control over its own currency to inflate away its obligations. From austerity, to a bailout, to leaving the Eurozone, none of the options looked great. In this tutorial, Sal walks through the situation Greece was in and its options (these videos were made as the crisis was unfolding).

Greek debt recession and austerity (part 1)

VIDEO 7:00 minutes
A primer of why Greece is in a tough situation (more in future videos)

Greek financial crisis (part 2)

VIDEO 10:36 minutes
What Greece could have done if it had its own currency

How and why Greece would leave the Euro (part 3)

VIDEO 8:21 minutes
The pain and mechanics of leaving the Euro

Why Europe is worried about Greece

VIDEO 8:09 minutes
Why the Greek situation is scary for Europe as a whole