Housing price conundrum

4 videos
Back before the 2008 credit crisis, Sal was perplexed by why housing prices were going up so fast and theorized that it was a bubble forming (he was right). These pre-2008 videos are fun from a historical point-of-view since they were made before all the poo poo hit the fan.

The housing price conundrum

VIDEO 9:21 minutes
Why did housing prices go up so much from 2000-2006 even though classical supply/demand would not have called for it

Housing price conundrum (part 2)

VIDEO 8:54 minutes
How lower lending standards led to housing price inflation.

Housing price conundrum (part 3)

VIDEO 9:48 minutes
Why did lending standards become more and more lax from 2000 to 2006?

Housing conundrum (part 4)

VIDEO 6:53 minutes
The virtuous circle of housing price appreciation making defaults go down making lending lax making housing appreciate even more