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Demand and the determinants of demand

AP.MICRO: MKT‑3 (EU), MKT‑3.A.4 (EK), MKT‑3.A.5 (EK), MKT‑3.B (LO), MKT‑3.B.1 (EK)


Something has changed about how consumers buy hats which resulted in the change shown in this graph.
The figure presents a graph of two demand curves in the first quadrant of the cartesian plane. The horizontal axis is labeled Q and the vertical axis is labeled P. One curve is labeled D 1 and starts at the vertical axis above the origin at coordinates 9 and 0 and moves downward and to the right and ends at coordinates 3 and 0. The second curve is labeled D 2 and is directly below and parallel to the first curve and starts at coordinates 0 and 6 and moves down and to the right and ends at coordinates 2 and 0. There is an arrow pointing from the first curve to the second curve.
start text, F, i, g, u, r, e, space, end text, 1: The demand for hats
Which of the following changes could this graph represent?
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