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Cost-benefit analysis

AP.MICRO: CBA‑1 (EU), CBA‑1.A (LO), CBA‑1.A.1 (EK), CBA‑1.A.2 (EK), CBA‑1.B (LO), CBA‑1.B.1 (EK), CBA‑1.B.2 (EK)


Le wants to open a Cajun-Vietnamese fusion restaurant. He currently works as a software engineer and earns dollar sign, 90, comma, 000 per year. He estimates the operating costs for the restaurant, such as the cost of labor and materials, at dollar sign, 60, comma, 000. He also estimates he will have dollar sign, 100, comma, 000 in revenues from operating the restaurant.
Which of the following statements is true based on Le’s estimates?
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