DEPRECATED Rational number word problems

You might need: Calculator


It might be hard to develop a problem type around this example. In the example, there are two things going on:
  • A division followed by a multiplication to get the paycheck amount
  • a multiplication to get the amount of multiple paychecks
  • another multiplication to get the amount spent on groceries
  • Manufacturing: Factory output of "good" widgets per month given a yearly total and a percent of defective widgets produced that can't be sold. How many good widgets are produced each month? Note: It would be possible to have several problems like this by simply changing the type of widget (TV, soccer ball, etc)
  • Fishing: fish caught per year --> fish caught per month (given a rate of "bad" fish that can't be sold.
  • Robotics: A robot is given a specific task that takes a specific amount of time. The robot has a percent success rate... Example tasks: vacuuming, assembling car parts, folding clothes, driving a car, and so on
  • Success rates on Khan Academy problems. 1000 students attempt a problem per month. How many solve it correctly each week given a 70% success rate?
  • Merchandise: A store buys merchandise at wholesale and marks them up 20%... The sore doesn't sell a certain percentage...
  • Video game programming: Bad guys have a 30% chance of exploding when they're defeated. Ben has defeated 2000 bad guys after playing 45 levels. How many bad guys probably exploded per level?
Okay, I'm obviously running out of brainstorming power, but hopefully this is somewhat helpful...
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