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when I started college graphics was computer graphics was a really primitive medium at that point it was plotter graphics and we had a device at our computer lab that allowed you to draw a picture with lines and so that's where I learned about geometric transformations and linear algebra and the things that go into into CG because we had this device and I wanted to draw pictures on it when I started at Pixar I got a summer job doing what you would now call IT which was what we called the Systems Group so I kept one of the four computers that we had in the main computer room I helped keep it running and in my off hours I got to use the CG lab that had a handful of image computing devices in it because I was really interested in that I spent more and more time there and when there was some work to be done in the in the graphic side of things I did that that was really fun ah I built most of Andy's neighborhood was help from some other people who built a few houses I created the the street and the road and I dressed the trees in and I worked with somebody to make the trees renderable I also built Scud the dog Scud was started as a big sculpture and sculpey of a big dog and we had to figure out a way of wrapping a surface a CG surface around scud and making it make it all kind of connect and then are you articulate make it move put controls in so the animators could move it and then work with other people to put color on on him and fur on him I will spend a Saturday taking apart a camera taking all the old grease out making it work again maybe making new parts if some of the old ones are broken and putting it back together or I'll go on a road trip and take pictures because there's nothing better than road trips and cameras