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yeah so early early on I grew up my dad didn't believe in having a TV in the house because he didn't want me to waste my time watching so they morning cartoons but I love cartoons the penmanship and draftsmanship was incredible so that was the inspiration and it also became entertainment for me so I was just like love to just you know spend my time drawing do you have any examples that we can give you pictures or anything that early art work um I could yeah I have at work at home that I can dig up and it's you know I'm being bashed the show but I'll show it regardless because you're all my friends out there you know I just one of those things you all start from a place of being feeling sensitive about it you just keep doing it and you enjoy it and you get better at it it's one of those things that fulfills itself oh I I built my own computer when I was about 12 or 13 Australia's going to dominate the computer industry with a computer called a micro B so went ahead and made this micro B and then because I could program I could actually create characters from it so one of the big gaming systems back then was called aliens and so the one the first program I created was these aliens going across the screen and you could shoot them and we used a thing called sprite graphics so it was exciting for me that I didn't have to pay for this game anymore I could make it myself and enjoy it I was but one of those unusual people doing both art and math and so I go to university I got into a math degree and an engineering I did like a double degree but I was passionate about the arts so at night I would like paint and draw and pursue that and then during the day I've learned you know math and at that time was perfect timing because computer graphics was about the technical side and the artistic side for our final project I created an animation system which would animate the laws of special relativity so it's really excited to show us a tiles graph and I went and presents it I was graph and while I was there two people from Pixar was showing a little short called luxo jr. and a short had you know the lamp that we've all seen jumping and I went along and I saw that lamp and I was like that's what I want to do and during this graph when I did my presentation of my animation system bill Reeves and John Lasseter came by and we're really encouraging to me they had a lot of great questions about the system that I wrote and we had a lot of fun presenting it because we drew it we we've got a scar that we're you know zooming at speeds near the speed of light and they were really encouraging about pursuing not only the outside at a mathematical side that made us think possible did you really you read sully didn't you I did rexella yeah you tell us about reading Sully Sully was my first I was very excited about reading Sally because you're such an expressive character he had weight and volume and he had hair and he had such a broad face that we had to get a large range of expression from and we're figuring out what controls can we do to really express the character a full range of emotion so we needed not only the artistic input to do this we need a lot of new performers similar to what we're creating in this tutorial so this was kind of a an amazing project for me in that he was so here I was creating a character that I really believed would connect with people and that I would become a much loved character personally I'm actually loving Stern at the moment I'm you know just carving stone and it's it's hard and I've got an incredible appreciation for the people who made you know the amazing sculptures back in the Renaissance time because I'm like just by myself doing it's like how did they do that you know the amount of skill and hard work it takes to do that to me is incredible so last year we made a Tesla coil the Tesla coil shoots spikes across the backyard and we tried to roast marshmallows about Tesla coil Hanna Tesla coil my roast marshmallows you have to build on and find out do not join in this bomb do this big wooden back