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What to learn after jQuery

Congratulations on learning jQuery! You've now learned the most popular JS library on the web today. Not only will you be able to code your websites with jQuery now, but you'll also have an easier time understanding code from other web developers and using any new JS library.

More jQuery

We certainly didn't cover all of jQuery here - there are more functions, and more options in the functions that we did cover. Check out the documentation for every function that you use, to make sure you know all the ways you can use it.
You can also go through additional tutorials - many of them will probably overlap with what you learned here, but sometimes it helps to hear it from multiple places:

jQuery plugins

jQuery is a great library that does a lot, but it certainly doesn't do everything. Many web developers bring in additional libraries for specific tasks or UI widgets. A lot of those libraries have been built specifically with jQuery in mind, and we call them "jQuery plugins". To use a jQuery plugin, you must first have the jQuery script tag on your HTML page, then a script tag pointing a the plugin's js file. Make sure you load jQuery before the plugin. Then after all of that, call the jQuery plugin's function name from your code. You can see an example here.
To find plugins, you can search the internet for "jQuery plugin [desired-functionality]" like "jQuery plugin datepicker" or search the npm jquery plugin packages. Sometimes you'll find multiple plugins that do what you want -- in that case, you can use these tips for deciding which one to use.

Beyond jQuery

There are many more libraries to learn that will help you build more powerful websites - like libraries for data visualization or libraries for architecting your code. Read through our list of libraries and start trying out some more!

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