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Project: Extreme Makeover, Webpage Edition

A large fraction of webpages on the internet include jQuery - so when you visit them, you can open your JavaScript console, and successfully run a line of code like this:
That means you can use jQuery to have fun with webpages that aren't your own, and get an idea for how their HTML is composed.
For example, you can go to Twitter and replace all the images with an image of a very grumpy cat:
$("img").attr("src", "https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/616542814319415296/McCTpH_E.jpg");
Look how great our Khan Academy account looks now!
What are some of your favorite websites? Try to find one that has jQuery included (by testing the first line of code) and see what fun ways you can modify it. Some websites limit what resources you can bring into them, so you have to be more creative. For example, Twitter only allows images from Twitter, so I searched for cat images located on twitter.com.
Share the code for your webpage makeovers in the Tips/Thanks below. Let's make the web a more beautiful (or cat-iful) place!

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