Congratulations on learning how to manipulate your webpages with JavaScript!

Using new HTML features

Quite a lot of functionality was added to browsers as part of the "HTML5" spec, and we didn't get to cover most of that in this course. For example, you can go through these slides on multimedia, storage, and graphics - or just search the internet for the sort of functionality you're interested in and see if it exists.

Using libraries

There's a lot of cool JS libraries that you can bring in to your page to let you do more things in less code. Just to name a few:

  •  jQuery: A very popular wrapper library for the DOM API functions.
  • D3: A visualization library, often used for graphs and charts.
  • Bootstrap: A full HTML/CSS/JS framework for creating beautiful websites.
  • BackboneJS: A popular MVC framework for organizing your website's code.

You can use any library that's hosted on here on Khan Academy, or you can host your webpage outside of KA and use any library at all.

Keeping up to date

Browsers release improvements often and the web development community is an active one. One of our favorite ways to keep up-to-date with new is to subscribe to HTML5 weekly and JavaScript weekly, newsletters with links to articles and demos. Of course, whenever you learn something new, you should try it out to really understand how it works.

Practice, practice, practice!