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Procedures with parameters

AP.CSP: AAP‑3 (EU), AAP‑3.A.3 (EK), AAP‑3.A.5 (EK), AAP‑3.C (LO), AAP‑3.C.1 (EK)


Kash is writing code to calculate formulas from his physics class. He's currently working on a procedure to calculate average speed, based on this formula:
start text, A, v, e, r, a, g, e, space, s, p, e, e, d, end text, equals, start fraction, start text, T, o, t, a, l, space, D, i, s, t, a, n, c, e, end text, divided by, start text, T, o, t, a, l, space, T, i, m, e, end text, end fraction
Which of these is the best procedure for calculating and displaying average speed?
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