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Storing and updating lists

AP.CSP: AAP‑1 (EU), AAP‑1.C (LO), AAP‑1.C.1 (EK), AAP‑1.C.2 (EK), AAP‑1.C.3 (EK), AAP‑1.D (LO), AAP‑1.D.3 (EK), AAP‑1.D.6 (EK), AAP‑1.D.7 (EK), AAP‑1.D.8 (EK), AAP‑2.N (LO), AAP‑2.N.1 (EK), AAP‑2.N.2 (EK)


This code snippet stores and updates a list of high scores for a video game:
highScores ← [750, 737, 714, 672, 655, 634, 629, 618, 615, 610] 

INSERT(highScores, 5, 668)
INSERT(highScores, 2, 747)
REMOVE(highScores, 12)
REMOVE(highScores, 11)
What does this program output to the display?
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