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Iterating over lists with loops

AP.CSP: AAP‑2 (EU), AAP‑2.O (LO), AAP‑2.O.1 (EK), AAP‑2.O.2 (EK), AAP‑2.O.3 (EK)


A nutrition scientist is working on code to calculate the most magnesium-rich foods.
Their program processes a list of numbers representing milligrams of magnesium in servings of food. The goal of the program is to create a new list that contains only the numbers that represent at least 30% of the recommended daily intake of 360 milligrams.
mgAmounts ← [50, 230, 63, 98, 80, 120, 71, 158, 41]
bestAmounts ← []
mgPerDay ← 360
mgMin ← mgPerDay * 0.3
FOR EACH mgAmount IN mgAmounts
    IF (mgAmount ≥ mgMin)
        <MISSING CODE>
A line of code is missing, however.
What can replace <MISSING CODE> so that this program will work as expected?
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