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AP CSP: BI 7, EU 7.1, EU 7.2, EU 7.3, EU 7.4
AP CSP: BI 7, EK 7.1.1A, EK 7.1.1B, EK 7.1.1C, EK 7.1.1D, EK 7.1.1H, EK 7.1.1M, EK 7.1.1N, EK 7.1.1O, EK 7.1.2C, EK 7.1.2D, EK 7.1.2E, EK 7.1.2F, EU 7.1, LO 7.1.1, LO 7.1.2
AP CSP: BI 7, EK 7.2.1D, EK 7.3.1B, EK 7.3.1C, EK 7.3.1F, EK 7.3.1N, EK 7.3.1O, EK 7.3.1P, EK 7.3.1Q, EU 7.2, EU 7.3, LO 7.2.1, LO 7.3.1
AP CSP: BI 7, EK 7.1.2B, EK 7.2.1A, EK 7.2.1B, EK 7.2.1C, EK 7.2.1D, EK 7.2.1E, EK 7.2.1F, EU 7.1, EU 7.2, LO 7.1.2, LO 7.2.1
AP CSP: BI 7, EK 7.1.1I, EK 7.1.1J, EK 7.1.1K, EK 7.3.1A, EK 7.4.1E, EU 7.1, EU 7.3, EU 7.4, LO 7.1.1, LO 7.3.1, LO 7.4.1
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About this unit

The unit discusses the global impact of computers and the internet. Learn about online communication and collaboration, copyright in the digital era, computing innovations in science, and smart systems. With more than 30 questions, you can practice what you've learned and study for the AP Computer Science Principles exam.
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