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AP CSP: BI 2, BI 3, EU 2.1, EU 2.2, EU 3.3
AP CSP: BI 2, EK 2.1.1A, EK 2.1.1B, EK 2.1.1C, EK 2.1.1D, EK 2.1.1E, EK 2.1.1F, EK 2.1.1G, EU 2.1, LO 2.1.1
AP CSP: BI 2, EK 2.2.3E, EK 2.2.3F, EK 2.2.3G, EK 2.2.3I, EU 2.2
Logic gatesGet 3 of 4 questions to level up!
Logic circuitsGet 3 of 4 questions to level up!
AP CSP: BI 3, EK 2.1.1A, EK 2.1.1C, EK 2.1.2F, EK 2.2.3K, EK 3.2.1G, EK 3.2.1H, EK 3.2.1I, EK 3.3.1G, EU 2.1, EU 2.2, EU 3.3

About this unit

This unit walks through the ways that computers represent, process, and store information. Learn about binary numbers, logic gates and circuits, computer components (like CPU and memory), file kinds, file sizes, and file compression techniques. With more than 120 questions, you can practice what you've learned or study for the exam.
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