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How can kids talk to parents about money?

Sal Khan's advice - Have open conversations with your parents about money. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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Video transcript

- You know, the first thing I would say is, just really, think about money. It's amazing how many people just assume that, you know, things magically happen, that the food magically shows up on the table, or that, you know, there's magically a roof over their head. Money is what drives all of these things. And so, talk to your parents, you know, when they go grocery shopping, think about the prices. You know, this was a, when I was a kid, I used to love The Price Is Right, and it kind of made me obsessed with prices, and I used to look at coupon books and all of that. I actually used to collect coupons and come with my mom and encourage her to buy the things that we had coupons for. But I learned a ton doing that, I learned a ton. You know, and I was kind of lucky, my mom was on the frugal side. We used to reuse paper towels. (laughing) But it was a great lesson, 'cause she used to tell me how expensive these paper towels were, and I appreciated that. And that, you know, when we went to the store, I would look at, well, okay, this costs this much per pound, this costs that much per pound. Wow, we get a better deal if we buy the larger one, but we gotta make sure that it's not so large that we're gonna waste it, because then we're wasting money. So when you go shopping with your parents, think carefully about what they're buying. Talk very openly to your parents about money, about are they stressed about money, what are tips that they have?