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Should I spend more money on experiences or things?

Success is redefined as gaining fulfillment from freedom, spending time with family, and pursuing passions. Money is viewed not as a means for acquiring material possessions, but as a tool for achieving freedom and experiences. This perspective challenges conventional notions of wealth and happiness, sparking conversations about personal values and the true meaning of success.

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Video transcript

- A lot of times in modern society you see movies, or you read about people in magazines and they have fancy cars and big houses, and there's kind of this implication that, hey maybe those people have made it. Maybe that's what I wanna be like. But the real reality is, yeah, maybe a nice car or this and that might make you on the margin a little bit feel good but in the big picture of things, those aren't what's going to really fulfill your soul. The things that are gonna fulfill your soul is the freedom to do things you want, the time with your family, getting to do intellectually interesting things, things that really cater to your passions. That's where I always view money not as something to buy thing, but money that will help you have the freedom to do the things that you want, to have experiences. Don't optimize for money. Optimize for the freedom that money might be able to get you.