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Student story: Applying for scholarships

Exploring financial aid opportunities, a student shares their strategy of applying to numerous scholarships related to their interests. Through a simple Google search, they found and applied to many scholarships, successfully securing a few to supplement their financial aid package.

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  • piceratops ultimate style avatar for user Sai Sreekar
    Does the US federal government offer scholarships for foreign citizens? For example, I am a student from India. Would I be offered grants and scholarships by the US government if I decided to do my undergrad in the US? This is regarding the merit scholarships that it offers, not the need-based ones.
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    • spunky sam blue style avatar for user CZ
      Generally (almost universally) the answer is no. Some colleges will offer aid, but is rarely out of a government fund. Usually these scholarships are offered out of donated money funds or the schools endowment (which is usually just a massive donation fund that the college manages). These scholarships are very competitive and scarce.
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  • starky seedling style avatar for user RobloxDude
    At do I have to apply to alot of scholarships. Also, when should i start looking for scholarships?
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Deenakc86
    I'm a student and mother trying to make ends meet and create a future for my family. I'm in need of a little assistance . Any pointers about writing a grant for myself would be greatly appreciated...
    Thank you
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Video transcript

- So when looking at financial aid opportunities the first thing I looked at were scholarships. I applied to a lot and basically just did a quick Google search of scholarships that pertained to things that I was interested in. Applied to as many as I could, that was, you know, humanly feasible, and then I actually ended up getting a couple. Which was nice because it supplements some of the stuff my financial aid doesn't.