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Reflect: Keep going. Keep growing.

Not all strategies for overcoming frustration work for everyone. You have to find out which strategies work best for you! Use the reflection questions below to develop your own plan to keep going, keep growing when you get frustrated.

Let's reflect.

  • Think of a time when you were frustrated while learning a new concept or doing your homework.
  • Describe that time. How did you feel?
Create a plan for what you will do next time to overcome the frustration you listed earlier.
  • Recognize: What are some indications that you are frustrated?
    • Some people start thinking about quitting; some people get angry; and some people start crying.
  • Remind: What can you say to remind yourself that frustration is a normal part of the process?
    • Some things we can say are “Struggle makes me stronger” or “Frustration is how I grow my brain.”
  • Reset: What will you do to reset?
    • Some people go on a short walk; some people dance to their favorite song; and some people take a mental break.
Congratulations! You have completed all 3 parts of Activity 4: Connect, Learn, Reflect! These activities are part of the LearnStorm 2019 program.

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