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How do I deal with frustration in a positive way?

Working through our frustration can help us grow our brains and it’s also perfectly normal to get frustrated!

Frustration is normal.

Let’s hear from some students from Pine Hill Middle School in Georgia and Ceiba Prep Academy in California who participated in LearnStorm last year. They'll share what “Keep going. Keep growing.” means to them.
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LearnStorm Growth Mindset: Ceiba Prep Students on overcoming frustrationSee video transcript

Dealing with frustration

Everyone deals with stress and frustration differently.
We've laid out four suggested steps for dealing with frustration below.

Step 1: Remember it’s okay to be frustrated.

Recognize your frustration. Don't ignore it.

Step 2: Remind yourself frustration can be good!

Sometimes a little frustration is a good thing. It means you’re challenging yourself to learn.
It’s like you’re trying to run faster than usual, and the muscles of your brain are working extra hard.

Step 3: Take a break.

Try taking a short break, then come back to your work. You might even see something you missed before!

Step 4: Ask for help!

When you can’t get over your frustration by yourself, think about all the other resources you have: teachers, classmates, online resources, and textbooks.
It’s not up to you to learn everything alone!

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