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Using Security Tools to Keep Your Devices Safe

This article walks you through some security tools that you can use to keep your devices safe and secure.

Using Security Tools to Keep Your Devices Safe

From email to online banking, our phones, laptops, and tablets make our lives easier every day. However, that convenience means that our devices contain all sorts of sensitive personal information. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that you can use to keep your device and the information it contains safe.

Install Device Manufacturers’ Software Updates

We’ve all seen it - your device tells you that it has a new software update that’s ready for you to download. While it’s tempting to ignore these updates, they are an important tool in keeping your device safe. As cybercriminals become increasingly more sophisticated, manufacturers have to continuously update their software so that they can respond and shut down new schemes and scams. The next time you get a software update from your device’s manufacturer, take a few minutes to install it or to select a time when it can auto-install so that you can know that your device is protected by the latest and greatest software.

Only Install Apps From Trusted Sources

Adding an app to your iPhone or iPad? It should come from Apple’s App Store. Similarly, any apps you add to your Android should come from Google’s Play Store. Apps offered in these stores are regularly tested for quality and security. While apps found in other areas of the internet may initially appear to be cheaper or free alternatives to App/Play store options, they can also be sources of viruses, malware, or hacking threats. You get what you pay for, so stick to your trusted stores!

Keep Smart Devices Secure

Thanks to smart devices, you can program your home’s light switches, thermostat, and or toaster right from your phone. But the convenience that these online devices bring also comes with security risks, and have even been hacked by cybercriminals, who use them to inflict damage on other websites. Minimize these risks by selecting devices from reputable manufacturers that regularly test and update their security features, and make sure that your smart device has the latest security updates from its manufacturer.
With your devices secure, you’ll be able to surf and learn with peace of mind!

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