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Sal Khan's story: Wrapping up

Choosing a college is a big step! It's not just about academics, but also the vibe and culture. Talk to graduates, visit if you can, and use brochures to learn more. Once you've chosen, get ready for a new adventure full of independence, responsibilities, and exciting possibilities!

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  • starky ultimate style avatar for user iΑbdullαh
    What do you guys think is a good feild.
    Mechanical Engineer or Medical Doctor? Going for one of them!
    (22 votes)
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    • leaf blue style avatar for user Peterson
      Both are superb occupations, and can be used anywhere internationally. Both are very demanding, require much schooling, and have the potential to help many people. In the end, it probably comes down to whether you prefer working on non-living object (engineering) or living humans (medicine), although it should be noted that being an engineer is a less time-consuming job than being a doctor. Really, either one would be a noble pursuit.
      (12 votes)
  • aqualine tree style avatar for user Omer
    What did you want to be when you were little
    (7 votes)
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  • duskpin tree style avatar for user Brooke
    i really want to be a type of artist? i don't know what i can make a career out of it and my mom wants me to go to collage... what should i do? do i give up my dream?
    (1 vote)
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    • leaf green style avatar for user Elizabeth
      Don't ever give up on your dreams. There are college programs for Art Students.
      When you go to college, you get two choose two main subjects, you're "major" and "minor". Something like Art, art history or graphic design could be either your major or minor.

      I have many friends who did this who went on to work at advertising agencies. Today, they think of great ideas for advertising campaigns and events, design and launch them. It's a fun career.
      (3 votes)
  • leafers ultimate style avatar for user SCghost
    "How do I boil a ramen?" LOL this is too true...
    As funny as it sounds, I actually have a slightly scary experience with someone that didn't do it right. A student on my hall almost burned down the dorm when he forgot to put water in the ramen cup, walked away after hitting the timer for longer than was intended, and caught the cup on fire. The entire building had to evacuate, and we don't let that man cook anymore.

    Most college students do not know how to cook for themselves. If you are able to get your hands on a meal plan, you will have less worries to deal with, especially if the building you are living in shares kitchen spaces

    As a former Resident Assistant, I have seen my fair share of mishaps (mostly cleaning and cooking), and I have a word of advice. Please plan on what you intend on making instead of "cooking on the fly" without a goal in mind; make sure you have the right ingredients, the correct amount, proper temperature(s), and cleanup/disposal tools if you happen to make a mess...

    Proper cooking basics/techniques are incredibly important if you don't want to burn down your room: tinfoil NEVER goes in the microwave, turn any pot's handles to the side when being used on the stove (not towards you), and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD DO NOT MIX HOT OIL AND WATER (esp down the sink, or near the stove/heat source); wait for the oil/grease to cool so you can dispose of it easier.

    Best of luck, and good luck impressing Gordan Ramsey with your concoctions!
    (2 votes)
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  • female robot ada style avatar for user Katey Gordon
    What type of Exams available that I could take virtually?
    Also what are some roles and career field areas that require little qualifications ?
    The reason I ask this without going to personal details is because of medical conditions etc. which limits me to participate in community schools,testing etc.
    (1 vote)
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  • leafers ultimate style avatar for user lowe,ethan
    what job do yall want to do i want to be a marine if you are going to reply please do a job.
    (0 votes)
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Video transcript

- So we've already gone through a bunch of videos on how to make your application for college good, how do you choose a college, how do you figure out if you can pay for college through financial aid and other things. And so, we're now at the point that hopefully, you've gotten into a few of these colleges and you're in the position to decide where you wanna go. From my experience, I remember, as you just learned from other videos, even when I was young, I had heard of this thing called MIT and I wanted to go there, but it was at the end of your senior year where you actually do have your options in front of you and then the reality is, okay, I'm not gonna go to some place 'coz I heard of it or because I heard it's good for this or that. I should really feel like it's a place where I can live and thrive for four years. And so I encourage you to talk to other people who graduated from that school, learn not just what it's like academically, what's it like culturally, what's the campus like, what's the vibe like. Those brochures, actually, sometimes you might say, "Oh, they're just marketing material from the university," and that's what they are, but they do they tell you a lot about what they view themselves as, what their culture is. If you have the resources to, you know, I didn't at that time, but if you can visit the school, especially if it's out of town, try to. If you don't have the resources, I hear there's now ... There's oftentimes these fly-in programs where the school will provide resources for people to visit and make sure it's a good fit for them. If I was in that position again, I would definitely have taken up the schools on that. Once you make that decision, figuring out the school where it's a good fit, where you feel like you're gonna be able to spend at least the next four years, then it's time to transition. I remember that a ton. On one level, it's kind of the most exciting moment in your life and the scariest. I mean, you know, there's a few other moments in your life that probably compete with it. When you're getting married, the birth of your first and actually second or third child as well. But yeah, they're all exciting moments, but this is one of them. (laughs) You're getting real independence. With real independence comes all sorts of possibilities, some of which are scary, new responsibilities as well. I remember when I was going through that transition, it was really helpful, I had an older sister. I remember right when I ... I actually flew from New Orleans, which is where I grew up to Providence, even though I was going to school in Boston, 'coz my sister was at Brown University in Providence. And so I spent a little time living with her and actually, that was a really good way to kind of even ease into the like what's it like to be a young person living by myself? How do I do my own laundry? How do I boil a ramen? (laughs) How to do all these? What's a meal plan? Then I went to campus orientation, and my sister told me this and I tried to really live this when I went through orientation in the beginning of my freshman year is, it was a chance to kind of be myself but also redefine who I was. In high school, there's all these, hey, maybe I'm not in that crowd or I'm in that crowd, but in college, I went with a mindset that I think it was a very healthy mindset of like look, everyone here is new, everyone here is dying to make friends, I'm gonna go out of my comfort zone, walk up to people be nice to them, talk to them, smile at them, and build a friend circle and talk to people that I might have been intimidated by or that I might not have ... I know as much about or have as much in common with. I think the more I did that, the more it just made my college experience that much better. We're kinda at the end of this, "How do you go to college?" thing, this "How do you go to college" journey, and it's a super exciting one. I envy a lot of you all for being in the position that you're in. It's a really neat time of your life. But on another level, we're kind of at just the beginning of your adventure, so hope you enjoyed this.