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Student story: Work study as an opportunity to learn

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    If I wanted to go into a branch of military, what options are there for college financial aid?
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Video transcript

- Another thing that I also looked into was work-study. Work study is basically the opportunity to work at college while earning money to go towards your tuition, room and board, and fees. And the great thing about that was that you don't have to work at some random place. You can definitely work at something that helps you learn more, or maybe helps you dive deeper in to your major. And I got to work at something where I get to use my major, Product Design, in something that I'm really interested in, Hygiene and Sanitation. And it's great 'cause it's something I can put on my résumé, something that I can look for a job after I graduate. And I'm learning a lot, and it's something where I feel like I'm really impacting a community.