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Searching for scholarships

Scholarships offer free money for college. It's important to put in the work to fill out scholarship applications. They can be found online, through school newsletters, or by targeting specific criteria like local scholarships or those related to personal background. Applying to more specific scholarships increases chances of success.

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    What are some scholarships that non seniors can apply to?
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    At what age is it the best time to apply for scholarships?
    What is the best scholarship search engine?
    Where is the best place to look for scholarships?
    Is there set number of scholarships I should apply to so I can set goals to applying to more scholarships?
    Is there a way to figure out how likely I am to win scholarships?
    What is the difference between scholarshing and grants or are they the same?
    How much time should I set aside to look for scholarships during college?
    Should I focus more on scholarships found online or scholarships that are local, school, and college based?
    On average how much do scholarships cover for college tuition?
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      The best time to apply for scholarships is whenever you're eligible for them. There are some that even kids in grade school can get, so apply early and apply often, if you can.

      Honestly, I find it the most helpful to use multiple scholarship search engines to find the ones I like the best. Some personal favorites (not an ad) are Fastweb, Scholarships.com, and GoingMerry. You might want to look at a few and see which you prefer.

      You can use any scholarship search engines or regular search engines. Your school's guidance office or equivalent might also be able to help you.

      Really the number of scholarships you do is a personal decision and balancing act.

      Generally, the fewer people who qualify for a scholarship, the more likely you are to win it. Other than applying to more "niche" scholarships, good applications are probably the only way to know that. I know some search services have a rating of how competitive scholarships are, too.

      Scholarships and grants are both free money, though grants are more likely to be need-based instead of more merit-based affairs.

      Again, deciding how much time you'll use to look for scholarships will involve a lot of personal factors.

      Local, school, and college-based scholarships will have a lot fewer people applying to them, so they will probably be worth more of your time and effort.

      It's hard to say this kind of average, as it really depends on the scholarship. There are some that offer full rides or like $100k, but others might be for "only" $250. For merit scholarships at individual colleges, you can just look up their criteria (if provided) and amounts to compare with their tuition amounts. Also, less competitive schools will probably give you proportionally more money.

      I hope this helped a bit!
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    Rather than piling hours into trying to find scholarships you may qualify for, or have a good chance of receiving; are there companies which specializes in finding and matching students with scholarships?
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    Can you get a scholarship for doing chess?
    (4 votes)
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    Are there any scholarships for multiples? I've heard that there are some out there, but I can't find them.
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    Can you "apply" or better put, be apart of, the khan academy SAT prep scholarship as a sophomore?
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    research online bro is the good way to find scholarships. i hope you find one from high school
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Video transcript

- Scholarships are a source of free money that students can use to help pay for college. So, obviously this is a great thing. And students can start looking for scholarships throughout their high school career. Most scholarships are available for students when they become seniors in high school, and then scholarships are available to students when they're in college as well. So scholarships are something that you should constantly be on the lookout for, and something that you will need to apply to. It might include filling out forms. It might mean writing essays. It might mean getting recommendation letters or submitting transcripts. Some of them are online. Some of them are paper applications. Your school might actually announce different scholarships through their newsletter or on their website, and so, it's something that you might need to be on the lookout for, you might have to pursue on your own. - I literally applied to every single scholarship I could ever think of. I googled every Armenian scholarship because I'm an Armenian descent, but I'm also from Lebanon, so I googled Lebanese scholarships, and the more I realized that the more specific you get on the scholarships end, the more likely you are to get it because not everyone applies to those scholarships, and I was really fortunate enough that I almost received every single scholarship I applied to because they were so specific to who I was, where I was from, and what I was going to be pursuing, and that saved me. - There's a number of scholarships out there, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out which ones you should apply to. I always encourage my students to apply to the local scholarships, so you should apply to the local scholarships. Those are the ones that might be limited to students in your school district, or to a certain number of high schools, or a certain region, and so you will have fewer students competing for those scholarships. So you might have a better shot of getting some of those scholarships. - Another great opportunity might be essay contests for scholarship dollars. They typically, again, require you to write some form of an essay, maybe anywhere from a page to five pages. Maybe also submit teacher recommendations, your SAT scores, even your transcripts. So, that extra amount of work sometimes deters students from doing that so if you're willing to put in that extra work, you'd be surprised to see how many extra scholarship dollars you may be able to get. - Some students go into the scholarship process thinking that scholarships are only for the students with the highest GPA or the highest test scores, and that's absolutely not true. Scholarships are for everyone, everyone who's willing to put in the work in order to apply for those scholarships.