Paying for college

Getting into the college of your dreams is nice, but figuring out how to afford attending that college is even better! Learn how to navigate the financial aid process with guidance on everything from filling out the FAFSA to identifying high priority scholarships.

Financial aid forms, including the FAFSA and CSS Profile, represent one of the first step in the financial aid process when you are applying to college.

Work-study, one component of a financial aid package, offers you the chance to earn extra funds through on-campus jobs while still going to college full-time. Hear from admissions on how work-study operates and why it just might be the extra money you need to make college affordable.

College loans can be a scary proposition, because unlike scholarships and grants, they have to be paid back (with interest!) after you finish school. However, loans also represent an investment in your future and one that can absolutely be worth it if used in moderation. Learn what sort of loans are out there and how to prioritize between them.

Once a college accepts you, they will take the information that you provided on your financial aid forms to determine your financial aid package. Now comes one of the most important parts of the college admissions process: comparing offers to determine which of your top schools provided enough aid to make college affordable.