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Student story: College offers exposure to diversity

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- So from my personal perspective, I go to a historically black college, and so being from Palo Alto, California, a predominately white area, I thought that being black meant one thing, you know, that stereotypical idea. And so when I went to college and I'm surrounded by all these black people, I'm realizing that, you know, everybody's different. So there's Hatians, there's African-American people, there's people that are from the diaspora, and I like that it challenged my ignorance and it made me be open to other people and not stereotyping people, or not thinking that all people are one thing. So college really opened my eyes to different types of people, and now even when I go, when I come back home, start a new job, I'm trying to be open to people just because I learned that in college. That's really what gets you by.